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The myapphone team

Our vision

Consumers and professionals are interested in using mobile applications: consumers increase their consumption and save time. Professionals encourage loyalty and increase their earnings.


Our mission

To bring companies of all sizes into the era of mobile marketing


The team

There is a MY APP tribe. It exists in the form of a number of personalities, experienced and forward-thinking. Each of us has arrived in a company with an often rich and promising past (Les Echos, McDonald’s, MG International, Jet Multimedia, Mediaplazza, Transiciel, Devoteam, Accenture, Apple…) and proven digital and marketing expertise. Proven management: three operational founders, a total of 60 years’ experience in IT.

Expertise in project marketing and management in Paris (sales, project manager, artistic director)

A technical team in Metz (IT specialists, engineers, technical project managers, designers, developers and technical directors)

We are organised into two skills and expertise categories: the MY APP PRO branch, supported by Oséo and the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, develops the platform for generating mobile applications. The MY APP DESIGN branch, including professionals in project management and development of mobile solutions for companies.



Here, the founders of MY APP present their business forecast until 2010, the year MY APP will be launched :

Anthony Ginter – aged 43 – Chairman
Telecoms Sales Manager
Director of the French industrial group MG International, quoted on Euronext Paris.
MG International: “”2006 “”Best Company in France””
Anthony Ginter: 2007 “”Manager of the Year””

Frédérico Rosato – aged 44 – Director General
Telecoms, Internet and Mobile Internet
International Director and Subsidiaries Director
Jet Multimedia/Neuf Télécom: Director of the World No. 1 supplier of content for mobiles and international content
Frédérico Rosato: 20 years in management of Telecoms profit centres

Eric Geoffroy – aged 44 – Technical Director
Telecoms and IT technologies
IT Project Manager
Mobile Process: Secure messaging solution for SFR
Eric Geoffroy: First prize in secure Web architecture (ANVAR) in 2004

Siren : 530 331 198 RCS Paris