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MY APP DESIGN project management

Quality within MY APP DESIGN

To meet the requirements necessary for good project management and client expectations, we have processes which meet CMMi provisions, which we use daily within our teams. Three main ideas thus govern the application of our quality plans:
– Customer orientation: the user/client is central to the concerns of the IT department and all IT-related work must be associated with customer/supplier relations,
– All services have a life cycle: to be effective, service management must be considered upstream of IT projects, from the study and design phases,
– The process approach: quality of service rests on a business model which may be broken down into imposition of the appropriate IT processes in close correlation with industry processes.

Project management

Project management uses 3 types of communication:
1. Firstly, the kickoff meeting takes place, its key purpose to remind those present of the overall context of the work.
2. Then frequent validation meetings take place, these ensuring that the schedule is adhered to (schedule meetings).
3. Finally, follow-up meetings, at the required intervals, are regularly used to monitor the progress of the project and determine whether any changes need to be made.

Management of change in the project

During a project, any change will have to be examined by means of a survey by the MY APP DESIGN team, which will indicate whether it will have any impact on cost and the schedule for materialising the project.

Then, any change will be recorded in a “”change request”” report including the following:

• The nature of the change
• The description of the change and additional activities
• Expected deliverables
• The impact on the schedule
• Costs incurred

The document will be signed and approved by both parties before anything takes effect.

In the main, the following will be considered changes to the project:
o Any new report
o Any new mail
o Any layout change
o Any change (addition/deletion) of criteria
o Any change to, or replacement of, activity.