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Best mobile app builder for cycle industry

I create my application

You sell and advise on road bikes, town bikes, mountain bikes, miscellaneous equipment and accessories… do you specialise in cycle sales and hire? The mobile application MY APP CYCLE (iPhone & Android compatible) is made for you!

Create your iPhone + Android application in a few clicks:

1. Define the design and functionalities of your application
2. Insert your content
3. As soon as you can, try your application on your Smartphone
4. We will ensure that it is published in the Apple Store (iPhone) and GooglePlay (Android telephones)
5. Ensure that you are always in your clients' pockets
(sending of push notifications, communication tools, unlimited updates, usage statistics...)

Tell your clients about your second-hand offers

Used cycle

In real time, tell your clients what second-hand bikes you have available (photos and/or videos). Special offers are a great way of attracting your clients.

Present your brand new models

New bikes

Present to your clients news about your store, your catalogue (photos and/or videos) of brand new bikes or a special arrival.

Bring your promotions to the forefront


Road bikes, town bikes, mountain bikes, equipment and accessories… bring your promotional offers to the forefront. A special offer, last minute destocking, a group outing… In real time, your clients are kept up-to-date on your good plans.

Calculate a loan

Calculate a loan

With this widget, your clients will very easily be able to calculate the monthly instalments of a loan.

To contact you


For any questions or information requests, your clients can call you or send you an e-mail with a single click of a button.

Share your photo and video galleries


Present the best photos and videos of your event in real time.


They say

Véloland Metz is the second largest Véloland in France. We offer sales and repairs of all bikes from leisure to competition models. With the Smartphone application, we can develop superior communication, not to mention the website and other means of communication we are led to use: newspapers, prospectuses, TV, radio. Clients can have Véloland in their pocket and keep up-to-date on everything happening in store, in terms of outings and news, but also promotions and second-hand bikes.

Julien Gavillon, Véloland Metz site manager