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Philippe Henaux, City of Metz Digital Development Manager

Simple and easy to use
I myself could create a mobile application in a few minutes without any real technical skill. It was published quickly and automatically on both of the most widespread platforms on the market. Pre-defined functions mean you can build a really useful, practical application. And an upgradable one, as all of the news can be inserted into the application in real time. Thank you myapp!

Anonymous user of the AppStore

app store

I found the apartment I rent using the app. I could consult the advertisements daily and immediately call the agency to visit. Practical when you are as busy as I am!

Anonymous user of the CottonClub application in Metz

When the organisers update it, the Cotton app is tops. All shows and events! Tops! This weekend too, a fiesta to look forward to!!!

Anonymous user on Google Play

google play

I love jewellery and can keep track of new collections from my phone and access private sales!! It could not be better!

Anonymous Google Play user

google play

I follow the arrival of a few models on the application. They update them and eventually I find out what new ones are arriving, before I have had time to think

Anonymous user on Google Play

google play

Passionate about sailing and very often on the move, I can keep up-to-date at all times on the latest second-hand boats put up for sale

Pierre, anonymous user of the application, Garage du 12 in Paris

On this Garage du 12 application, I found some useful info, and they managed to sell me a vehicle maintenance contract… I say that with a smile, because the garage team is very pro and I am fortunate to have come across this app in the AppleStore

User of the MY APP PROJECT application who wishes to remain anonymous

MY APP PROJECT is an original, user-friendly, up-to-the-minute tool. I use it with my clients to tell them about any changes in my work. My two colleagues follow the progress of projects and that makes us more efficient. Simple and practical. Good idea!

Hôtel résidence de la Transhumance à Saint-Martin-de-Crau

With our MY APP application, we have a simple and effective communication tool which enables us to stay in touch with our clients. They can find out what apartments we have available, contact us anytime and use geolocation to find us easily. Also, as the news is available on it, they can stay up-to-date with things for tourists to do in the region!

Anonymous application user at the Puerto Cacao chocolatier in Paris

A simple and therefore perfect app.
All you need is a connection to the Web for a lunch table. WELL DONE